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Create Superior Insurance Experiences by Using Intelligent Automation to Better Understand and Serve your Customers

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In this paper, Computing interviewed senior IT management from three major insurance companies to learn how they have approached automation and what their customer roadmap is for the future. They reveal how in using intelligent automation to streamline services and use data more effectively, they are creating a better understanding of their customers and can create more relevant insurance products for them.

Hear from David Germain, CIO at 'RSA', Calum Rimmer, Co-founder of 'By Miles' and insurtech 'By Bits', and James Gardiner, Head of Technology Data and MI at 'Admiral'. 

Using data to better understand and serve insurance customers

Data is the key to the next generation of insurance services. In the past, insurance was based on 'monolithic' data - static blocks of knowledge about a customer including factors such as age and health or potential risk. But today, data can be gathered in real time from a variety of different sources and devices. This changes the game and puts the customer front and center of insurance decisions.

Intelligent automation could be the key to using this data more effectively across the insurance organization. It bridges the gap between new and old systems and between people and systems to speed up and streamline processes and provide a platform for strategic transformation. Meeting customer demands and providing services based on real-time data demands the right technology to facilitate it.

Through the experiences of the interviewees, this report explores the business case for using intelligent automation in this context, and how traditional insurers are moving towards providing the same customer experiences and agile business models as insurtechs.

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