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Wealth Asset Management RPA

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Stand out from competitors with intelligent automation technology, one of the most impactful levers wealth and asset management firms can use to deliver the necessary results and flourish in volatile and rapidly changing markets. It’s simple; start today.

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SS&C Blue Prism stands out for its robust reliability. We specialize in assisting wealth and asset managers to achieve large-scale operational transformations with an unwavering commitment to security. Provide your clients and investors with the very best experiences through an intelligent digital workforce.

What Does Automation Do for the Industry? 

The wealth and asset management challenge
Our wealth and asset management solution
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Wealth Asset Management Automation Challenges

The wealth and asset management challenge

Wealth and asset managers are looking at leveraging the right technologies to efficiently exceed investor expectations while meeting their regulatory obligations and mitigating market risk. They want to accelerate internal efficiencies and enable their team to focus on creating value.

Real-World Results


accuracy for improved client experience

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5k hrs

Digital workers’ monthly runtime

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$3 million

given back to the business

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What’s Elevating Wealth and Asset Management Processes Today?

Benefits of Wealth and Asset Automation

Personalize investor experiences

Besides employees having more free time to solve and address external and internal stakeholder needs, IA can also help firms strategically address investor expectations through data-driven insights. IA can extract specified data sets to tailor services and communications, allowing firms to optimize engagement and improve client satisfaction.

Helps you scale and grow

IA and RPA facilitate growth. You can easily expand your digital workforce to handle increased and fluctuating workloads without the incredibly high price tag of training them. Digital workers seamlessly adapt to demands without dips in productivity. This means you can stay competitive without a proportional increase in human resources.

Innovate easily

RPA and IA empower wealth and asset management firms to innovate easily by automating time-consuming tasks. Managers are free to focus on strategic initiatives and explore new opportunities. As new technology comes up too, it becomes easier to integrate and implement.

Proactive compliance management

IA and RPA ensure proactive compliance as digital workers meticulously record decision-making and actions at a keystroke level, helping firms strictly adhere to evolving global regulatory demands. By simplifying auditing, your team is free to spend more time supporting their clients with high-quality financial advice.

Simplifies work

Automation simplifies complex, data-driven work by deploying digital workers to handle routine and time-consuming tasks. Human employees can focus on more strategic aspects of wealth management, such as client interactions and planning. Additionally, the likelihood of human errors in routine tasks is reduced, contributing to a more efficient operating model.

Save costs

By automating routine tasks, workflows become more efficient and error-free, eliminating the time, cost and need for rectifications. This optimizes operations and processes, leading to greater efficiency, resource utilization and ultimately cost savings.

IA and RPA in Wealth and Asset Management

Customer onboarding
Reporting and analytics
Investor support
Data management

Customer onboarding

Automating checks

Digital workers handle KYC, AML and suitability checks quickly. Any discrepancies will automatically be sent to an employee to look at in more detail.

Document verification

RPA digital workers can use optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically extract and validate investor and client onboarding information from documents, even handwritten ones. This reduces human manual errors and expedites the onboarding process.

Document signatures

IA enables the use of electronic signatures to expedite the workflow and enhance the overall investor and client experience for quick and seamless onboarding.

Data management

Digital workers can integrate investor data from various sources into one consolidated system, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of investor profiles on record.