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Sales Order Processing Automation

Rapidly automate your sales order processing with the power of Blue Prism digital workers. Cut costs, reduce errors, save time, and improve the customer and employee experience.

How do you benefit with sales order processing automation?

With Blue Prism and our best of breed technology partners, you gain intelligent digital workers who process any sales order request for you - whether it is sent by email, as an Excel spreadsheet, a PDF or something else.

See how automated sales order processing works for you

Collect sales orders

Automate the collection of sales orders sent from various sources and in any format.

Advanced machine learning OCR means that Blue Prism sales order automation solutions can read purchase orders in any format. Plus, they are intelligent enough to get better over time.

Extract information

Extract sales order information accurately, and avoid missing information, wrong product information, incorrect pricing, and delivery instruction challenges.

Apply business rules

Integrated robotic process automation (RPA) ensures that any business rule can be followed, and sales order automation can be combined with any system that you need it to, whether internal or external.

Extend to other processes

Sales order automation solutions can be extended to other processes for reporting, approvals, exception handling, and more giving you complete flexibility, scalability and improving the user experience.

Improve the employee experience

Automating your sales order processing enables your employees to focus on higher value work and avoiding time spent on costly administrative tasks.

Reduce sales order errors

Smart customer communication keeps customers updated and enables validation and correction of submitted requests avoiding manual follow up.

Rapid Savings

Reduce purchase order processes dramatically; from 14 minutes down to one.

Happy Customers

Employees will go from data entry to data verification, freeing up time to delight your customers.

Productive Employees

Removing highly repetitive, costly tasks lets your employees spend more time on value-added activities.

Exception Handling

Our advanced machine learning OCR can read purchase orders, recognizing exceptions now and getting smarter over time.

Scalability and Seasonality

Our solution can extend to other processes across your organization, giving you complete flexibility and scalability.


Achieve 99% accuracy – including hard to read formats like emails, handwritten orders, faxes, and PDF files.

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Morton Salt reduces processing time by 75%

Morton Salt was looking for a way to transform its sales order processing. See how our TAP partner Invoke, using their platform ARIA, and Blue Prism’s digital workers helped to transform Morton Salt’s supply chain by reducing order entry times, errors, and costs, while improving employee engagement.

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