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Communications Mining

Turn any message into structured, actionable data thanks to effective communications mining.

What are the benefits of communications mining automation?

Communications mining automation combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for highly effective communications mining. SS&C Blue Prism works with 'best in breed' technology partners to help you extract valuable information from emails, calls, notes, chats, tickets and more, to better understand your customers’ needs and your internal processes.

Identify hidden opportunities to provide strong ROI

Communications mining enables you to accurately identify the most valuable change opportunities across your business. Quantifying those opportunities in advance of investing in change reduces the risk of not achieving the expected benefits. Discover how robotic process automation (RPA) opens doors to new sources of structured data in critical business processes to drive true transformation.

Process excellence and change

Make informed, quantified decisions with communications analytics.

Client and product intelligence

Understand and monitor clients, markets, service, and even competitors.

CRM and workflow

Enrich CRM data capture and trigger workflow events.

RPA and automation

Drive automation and trigger processes to SS&C Blue Prism software robots.

Communication Mining Transformation

Achieve Instant Benefits for Your Organization

Training customers

Rapid RPA deployment and training

Automatically learn from your historical data. Powerful deep learning language models learn from and adapt to your terminology, phrasing and processes. Deploy a new automation from messages and queries within hours not months.

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Built for human-to-human conversational data

SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation solutions can understand complex, multi-intent, multi-turn conversations found in human-to-human business communication – in email, support tickets, case notes and forms.

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Zero code to train and deploy

Intelligent automation gives business users the ability to teach systems how to interpret data in an easy to use GUI - no coding required! Creating a new account, training, and deploying into production takes only hours, not days or months.

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Out of the box analytics

Instantly get valuable analytics and MI on the contents of your business communications data.

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