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Intelligent Automation and RPA in Human Resources


Intelligent Automation Allows Your HR Team Flourish

Liberate your team from mundane, repetitive and manual tasks to focus on strategic, value-adding activities.


Faster processing of HR records


Faster onboarding


Increased HR employee capacity

Elevate Your People to Their Fullest Potential

Crafting a People-centric Organization


Intelligent automation (IA), including robotic process automation (RPA), optimizes every area of HR departments with three main goals in mind:

  • Enrich employee experiences
  • Boost operational efficiencies
  • Amplify productivity


It equips your team with the tools to excel in their roles — so they can make better decisions, engage more people and ensure your entire workforce is bringing their very best to the table.


With SS&C Blue Prism, we help your people focus on the things that matter most without being slowed down by time-consuming, manual tasks. IA takes the burden off your HR team, transforming them into a people-centric function that creates the best possible end-to-end experiences.

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Get Started With Intelligent Automation in Human Resources

We share our experiences and best practices gained by working with enterprise customers around the globe. Get insights into how people teams successfully use IA to strengthen the workforce, gain operational efficiency and improve the employee experience. If you’re unsure where to begin with IA and RPA in human resources, this guide will point the way.

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How Does IA And RPA Technology Help Your HR Team?

Help employees thrive at work

IA can enhance employee experiences, providing opportunities for growth and the chance to take on more meaningful, higher-value tasks. Many people currently struggle to pursue the work they want or need to do because of repetitive tasks and manual processes taking up their time. Embracing HR automation can help create career paths that support individual goals while simultaneously contributing to organizational success.

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Enhance operational efficiency

Integrating a digital workforce can greatly expand your team's capabilities. By harnessing the power of IA and the expertise of your HR leaders, your organization can experience accelerated growth and more informed actions. Beyond handling transactional tasks like researching information, IA also fortifies strategic decision-making and intelligent information processing for enhanced insights.

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Increase operational productivity

Small businesses tend to offer a higher level of personal service, something larger organizations can struggle to match. However, implementing IA can significantly boost operational productivity across all HR processes. By allowing IA to handle various tasks, your HR team can be more productive and take more initiative to support employees with their business and personal goals.

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Recruit and Hire

Recruit and Hire

Transforming the job application and hiring process with IA, such as RPA software, revolutionizes recruitment. It makes it a more seamless and positive experience for both recruiters and applicants by:

  • Streamline recruitment time with instant qualification, reference checks and interview scheduling with candidates.
  • Standardize interviews to reduce bias and extract necessary qualification information to accurately inform decision-making and expedite the hiring process.
  • Simplify offer negotiations as any changes to offer letters can be made swiftly and some pre-approved.

Automation helps improve processes and free resources in HR

Over a five month period SS&C Blue Prism has automated over 10,000 cases, saving the business over 2,000 hours from automating HR processes pertaining to Recruitment, Onboarding, Training and the HR Systems.

Solving HR Onboarding Challenges With Desktop Automation

Extra data 1,000x times faster than a human with intelligent document processing (IDP)

Get Started With HR Automation

Experts to support your journey

SS&C Blue Prism's team of digital automation experts guide you at each stage of the digital automation journey to ensure your team’s success. Our industry-recognized leadership is grounded on 35+ years of experience in digital automation. Our customer service team is standing by to support your automation needs.

Scalable digital automation

The SS&C | Blue Prism® Robotic Operating Model 2 (ROM™2) enables HR and other teams to scale your process automation throughout the organization in a modular, rapid and repeatable way. As more automated processes are deployed, roll-out becomes faster.

Enterprise quality automations

SS&C Blue Prism's pre-designed workflows, consolidated automation cycle management and process intelligence tools reduce design time by 70%. Less design time means teams can deploy automations faster. SS&C | Blue Prism® Process Intelligence provides automation insights for better business outcomes.

Integration with third-party software

SS&C Blue Prism certifies integrations with most leading HR business platforms, including Workday, Oracle, Sage and SAP — available for download on the SS&C | Blue Prism® Digital Exchange (DX).

Configurable solutions

Learn how SS&C Blue Prism helps with the new hire onboarding process. These automation solutions are easily configured to help people teams maximize business process automations — enabling the fastest path to delivery.

Flexible RPA deployment

Choose cloud or on-premise deployment. The SS&C Blue Prism IA solution integrates a unified workforce, automated processes and existing systems on one single platform to meet your specific needs.

Exploring IA and RPA Use Cases in HR

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