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Welcome to Black Professionals in Intelligent Automation and RPA!

Our group’s mission is to close the diversity gap and increase the representation of Black men and women in intelligent automation. This group was founded with the hopes of not only increasing diversity within Blue Prism but across the industry as well. Alionna Gardner, the group’s founder and HR Business Partner for Blue Prism saw a need to address the inequities of Black men and women in the workplace but was also motivated to create an impact in the industry.

It is no surprise that systemic and institutional racism still affects the Black community today, specifically, when it comes to access to technology and education. Intelligent automation is the future of work; it’s an opportunity for organizations to accelerate growth, streamline operations and open a world of exciting possibilities that empower people and enhance customer experiences. Black Professionals in Intelligent Automation wants to ensure that Black men and women have access to these opportunities, and benefit from the future of work and automation, through upskilling and training. The group will achieve this by focusing on three key principles: Recognition, Education, and Community.

Bp recognition


Recognize and elevate Black professionals in intelligent automation.

Bp education


Bring intelligent automation education programs to underprivileged schools.

Bp community


Create career and business opportunities for Black people through an established community of partners and customers.

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