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Reduce Average Handling Time by up to 75% with shorter wait times and call duration.

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What is Blue Prism Service Assist?

Service Assist is a complete end-to-end automation solution that simplifies and guides customer interaction tasks, including gathering data from your back-office system databases, scheduling callbacks, updating customer records, initiating next best actions, and more.

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Combine digital workers & call centers

Whether you integrate digital workers among your call center agent workforce, or within your virtual self-service channels, including chatbot, IVR and email to rapidly access previously unreachable information or automate manual, repetitive tasks, Service Assist can significantly shorten the resolution process.

What Service Assist can do for you

Speed to resolution

Fast start and fast assistance for agents. World-class, attended automation frees agents to do great things for your customers. With Service Assist, you can access multiple systems for faster access to customer data.

More intuitive service

Empower your agents with a dynamic UI. The simplified Service Assist agent interface provides a single screen with consolidated data and all the information and context agents need to provide a fast, consultative service.

Customer service revolution

360-degree view of the customer. Deliver personalized customer care with digital workers that gather information from various systems and databases in seconds and provide it directly to the customer or to an agent.

Improve your conversational AI

Increase containment for your virtual self-service channels. Combine your chatbots with Service Assist intelligent automation to increase containment by 30%. Digital workers connect the dots with your AI-powered virtual interfaces.

Customer next best action

Customer retention and revenue growth. With Service Assist, agents can access personalized advice based on past actions and information from different systems. They can also use advanced AI skills to predict and anticipate actions with pre-built, downloadable integrations from the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.

Automate ACW

Free up agent time for training or to increase productivity by automating after call work (ACW). With Service Assist, you can automate administrative tasks such as CRM updates, marking the call, assigning an agent for follow-up, and more.

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DX Before You DIY

Building successful, intelligent automations takes time. Save yourself a step or two by visiting the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX). There, you’ll find AI and ML capabilities to transform your contact center’s and your customer experience. Look for the DIY Hours logo to estimate how much time you can save.

Visit the DX
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What's Next?

Learn how Blue Prism Interact can add more value to your Service Assist solution. Use Interact for human + digital worker process collaboration, for frontend work and exception handling.

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Becoming an agile enterprise means operating as a seamless mix of digital workers, human workers, and systems dynamically automating processes everywhere from the back office to the customer experience. You can do this with Blue Prism's intelligent digital workers that are versatile, autonomous, self-organizing, and secure. As a result, you gain better insight and control over the work, create new and transformative ways to operate, and empower people to focus on work that truly matters.

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