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Intelligent Automation, Visualization and Augmented Analytics in Healthcare

For healthcare providers, success means being able to deliver faster test results, reduced wait times and easier claims processing. Keeping patients and customers happy depends entirely on how quickly and efficiently you can gather intelligence and make decisions that matter.

With efficiencies in mind, robotic process automation runs complex workflows autonomously, reducing errors and saving time and money.

When combined with GIS mapping, dashboard visualization, and embedded analytics, automated processes deliver business intelligence even faster, so you can spend.

Keep operational costs low, and patients happy

Together, the Blue Prism® digital workforce and Information Builders (ibi) data and analytics platform can quickly generate and gather data to be analyzed and acted on. Advanced metrics lead to smart decisions, keeping operational costs low and patients happy.

Information Builders offers a complete data management solution that can consolidate, reconcile, cleanse, master and analyze data, formatting and transforming it into actionable, visual analytics. Paired with an autonomous digital workforce, you can simplify coding and claims management, streamline logistics and ensure predictive technologies do precisely what you need them to do—improve lives and patient care.

Information Builders & Blue Prism: Better Together

Bringing data together from any number of places and making it available in a simple, easy to use interface gives you an edge over the competition. Building efficiency, accuracy and speed into core functions like detection, diagnosis, treatment and more — all while maintaining strict compliance—is a game changer.

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