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goto.energy’s Automation-First Mindset Adds Shareholder Value

Taking an automation-first approach across our business has enabled us to change the conversation with our investors. As a start-up in an industry known for tight profit margins, investors are excited by our innovative approach, which directly impacts those margins and their return.”
Evan Selway, Chief Financial Officer goto.energy

goto.energy is a trusted supplier of green energy to the UK domestic market, and they pride themselves on offering customers transparent, sustainable value for money. Though a relatively new contender in the energy market, they’ve had an advantage. With no legacy system in place, goto.energy can take a digital-first approach, build their business around intelligent automation and attract outside investment.


Unlike other energy companies that have been founded within the industry, goto.energy was launched by people from a wholesale commodity perspective. The result was a fresh point of view on how the business should operate.

In an industry like utilities, profit margins are low. So as a start-up, having the ability to expand these margins is very attractive to investors. By getting buy-in at board level to build a modernized business model based around automating processes, not only can new employees start with the right mindset, but the efficiency gains also have a massive impact on these margins.

Choosing the right technology platform was therefore crucial in order for goto.energy to stay one step ahead, whether by becoming a top green energy company or by integrating upstream or downstream from where they are. They required scalability.


By opting for Blue Prism intelligent automation, goto.energy now has a solid foundation for their business. At a micro level, customers get processed quicker and employee workload is reduced, particularly when it comes to laborious and repetitive tasks. But the real benefit has been highlighted when talking to third parties.

goto.energy’s innovative way of working demonstrates that, by operating more efficiently, the company is more marketable and therefore more attractive to investors. They’ve secured financial sustainability now and in the future.

With this digital-first mentality, goto.energy now has the platform to broaden their product portfolio and the scope of their revenue streams. They can even take the automation processes they’ve developed to benefit their customers and sell them to the rest of the industry on a SaaS basis.

They’ve proven how automation not only strengthens productivity across processes, but it also creates shareholder value.

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