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Financial Services Provider Generates ESG Reports 75% Faster with RPA

75% faster turnaround time
2,720 workdays given back to ESG employees
Real-time and accurate reporting

Organizations around the world turn to this financial services provider for intelligence to help them make informed business decisions. The company shares key data that helps organizations determine who they want to do business with. A hot decision-making topic is an organization’s dedication to environmental, social and government (ESG) initiatives. Up-to-the-minute reporting on each organization is a massive task, and it’s one that the company has optimized using intelligent automation (IA).


To ensure the financial services provider has the most current ESG data available on each organization they follow, the ESG management team is required to generate reports from the company’s ESG data analytics engine. These Excel-based reports are critical tools that help management determine if data quality targets have been met. It’s essential that accurate data is delivered to customers. However, since the reports can contain up to 20 years of data, the Excel file sizes are enormous. These large files have made the daily downloads and file creation extremely time-consuming. Senior managers are required to spend more than an hour running reports and often can’t run them at the desired intervals. Making matters more complicated, the reports have a strict 24-hour SLA to ensure data is fresh, accurate and in compliance with the company’s rigorous data standards.


The financial services provider tasked their team of SS&C Blue Prism digital workers with running the ESG reports. First, a digital worker downloads the required master reports from an internal system. The report is stored in a central location on SharePoint. Next, a digital worker reviews each of the master reports, filters relevant reports based on predefined business logic and shares the report with management.

Digital workers have helped optimize the report workflow and ensured management possesses accurate and current information. Digital workers have saved time for managers — 22,000 hours and counting — and enabled them to focus on other priorities. And, they’ve improved the report turnaround time by 75%.

Digital workers complete other work for the ESG team. They collate ESG data from multiple sources and websites, apply data modeling to ensure it’s in the right format for use on the company’s ESG website and migrate data across multiple platforms. And since the company has 250 digital workers, they’re operating across every division and global region. They’ve helped the company recapture over 300,000 hours in the last year, which has enabled employees in every department to efficiently focus their time and efforts on more complex and valuable activities.

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