Automatic updating has removed manual transcribing and reduced errors.

1 minute

New staff information is updated, previously took 30-45 minutes per person.

Time Savings

Significant time savings means staff can better
serve patients.

HHL Saves Significant Time by Onboarding Matilda, a Blue Prism Digital Worker

We’ve taken a process that might take somebody 30-45 minutes to complete, down to one to two minutes – and it’s more accurate!
Dr. Lloyd McCann Head of Digital Health

Transforming Employee Onboarding with Intelligent Automation

Healthcare Holdings Limited (HHL) is an New Zealand-based healthcare group providing hospital, diagnostic and specialist services. To onboard new staff, HHL was using a system called Enboarder. While it was state-of-the-art, the information it gathered had to be manually transcribed into a multitude of other systems like payroll and rostering. It was an inefficient process, prone to human error. HHL needed a better way.


HHL operates a broad range of medical and healthcare facilities across New Zealand. Onboarding new staff from their multiple sites was being handled by a digital system. While this system was best of breed, the information it captured had to be manually distributed and uploaded into many other HHL systems. A process that could take one person up to 45 minutes to complete for each new staff member. Not only was this a repetitive and time-consuming task, it was also one prone to error. Already committed to digitally enabling and powering their business, HHL was determined to bridge the gap between its onboarding and operational systems.


Now, when Enboarder captures the relevant information from new staff a Blue Prism digital worker, fondly named Matilda by the automation team, distributes it all the relevant HHL systems automatically. Updating payroll, rostering, next of kin, and address and emergency contact details is all handled by Matilda; she can even cross check new starters’ qualifications to ensure they’re up to date. A process that took 30-45 minutes to complete, Matilda now finishes in just one to two minutes.

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