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Intelligent Automation Delivers 100% ROI for Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

60 processes handled by digital workers
Increased productivity Intelligent automation accelerates data retrieval and tasks execution
100% return on investment
"Our success has spurred both our team and the business to scale our automations even further, pushing what we can do with hyper automation. With a digital first mindset, we’re excited about the great things we can achieve with Blue Prism’s solutions in years to come."
Pedro Faria Automation Technical Team Leader

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) is a leading provider of banking and wealth management services with millions of customers in the Benelux region. BIL is rapidly advancing its intelligent automation strategy with the use of Blue Prism’s digital workforce, enabling the business to address key strategic objectives to improve customer experience, employee satisfaction and productivity.


With over 100 years of history, BIL has navigated more than its fair share of changes, including thriving in a finance sector that is virtually unrecognizable when compared to the one within which the business was founded. Over time, the products and services offered by banks has diversified exponentially, which has caused the processes required to provide them to become increasingly complex.

More recently, the ubiquitous rise of novel digital platforms and technologies have enabled many organizations to adopt new, more efficient ways of working. Similarly, BIL wanted to increase operational efficiency and employee productivity by reducing repetitive tasks done by staff and steering them toward more value-added work.


A Blue Prism digital workforce has helped BIL deliver on its goal to improve customer experience, employee satisfaction and productivity. Customers, especially, have felt the positive impact of this technology. Automating the mortgage loans workflow has resulted in customers receiving their mortgage loan offers much faster. And customers that subscribe to the bank’s advisory service receive information on important financial matters in minutes, ensuring they have immediate access to the best information.

BIL employees now enjoy a far more positive working experience and are able to access important information quickly. Laura, as named by the team, is BIL’s first HR virtual assistant who helps employees find answers for over 30 HR-related topics.

Since beginning its automation journey, BIL’s automation team has experienced huge successes. Now 17-strong, the team has rolled out an impressive 60 processes using 49 digital workers working across the organization in areas such as customer service, loans, risk management, compliance and litigation, securities, tax, and cash. The bank can respond faster, innovate and stay competitive regardless of economic disruptions. And their return on investment has been impressive. BIL estimates that for every euro they put into the program, they get back two euros in savings.

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