production minimizes product waste


more production orders handled


planners can focus on strategy and handling
unexpected events improving employee

Norsk Stål Offers Optimized Production with Blue Prism Digital Workers

The production planners in Horten now handle about 50% more production orders than they did before we started with RPA.
Espen Sør-Reime Leader ERP and Digitization

Norwegian Steel Manufacturer Optimizes Supply Chain Using Intelligent Automation

Project managers, structural engineers and builders in Norwegian industrial organizations trust Norsk Stål—and the company takes pride in its ability to help customers maximize profits and stay competitive. Optimized and intelligently automated processes are crucial to keeping its network running smoothly.

Download the story to learn how Norsk Stål is using Blue Prism digital workers — introduced through Digital Workforce’s “Robots as a Service” offering — combined with an intelligent optimization algorithm from Microsoft Cognitive Services to minimize product waste.

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