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Using Digital Workers for Data-Driven Healthcare Outcomes

Time: 21:52
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Healthcare provider organizations are under huge pressures to support a pandemic as well as the standard load of health-related issues presented by patients. With information privacy requirements, provider credentialing validation, and revenue-cycle claim issues, clinics are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming demand that corresponds to delivering high-quality healthcare.

Kevin Dunnahoo from Protiviti discusses ways to leverage automation through a digital workforce to support the compliance aspects of delivering care, while integrating the massive flow of data from this delivery of care to offer insights into improving patient outcomes.

Here’s what we talked with Kevin about:

  • Hospital systems are being overwhelmed with COVID patients which may not provide the same revenue stream that elective care options would for the providers, increasing the financial strain
  • Digital workers can offer a way to bridge the gaps across many EHR systems and other platforms to get more insight into the data
  • Compliance and healthcare claims push the limits of the healthcare provider organizations which require increasing levels of reviews
  • Gathering patient data across many platforms in a secure and private way can offer ways to offer more personalized care

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