Podcast | 26

Diving Deep Into ROM

Time: 47:08
Transform NOW Podcast with Matt Parsons and Mark Shivers

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On this episode of Generation Digital Workforce, Matt Parsons, Enterprise RPA Practice Director, brings his friend Mark Shivers, Founder and CEO at Ignite IPA. Together, Matt and Mark do a deep dive on the benefits of the Robotic Operating Model.

Mark shares why using the ROM isn't optional and the technical department you'll create for yourself if you don't start out right with the right foundation and model to scale over time.

Here's more of what we talked with Matt and Mark about:

  • The need for governance, control, infrastructure, and best practices when planning for automation
  • The challenges you face when you consider infrastructure
  • Why you need to understand the value of your automation potential
  • Knowing your North Star
  • Mark's stories from the front lines of robotics implementation

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