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Many Companies Are Missing the Mark with Intelligent Automation

Time: 29:50
Transform NOW Podcast with Gary Smith of SS&C Blue Prism

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From Automation to Business Transformation

Many companies are leveraging intelligent automation, but only a few are using it in a strategic manner to achieve true business transformation. On this podcast, Brad Hairston speaks with Gary Smith, VP Sales Strategy & Industries at Blue Prism, who explains how many companies are not going far enough with their intelligent automation capability but have the potential to do so.

Here’s what we talked with Gary about:

  • Gary’s thoughts on why his previous podcast was so popular
  • What % of companies are achieving true business transformation with intelligent automation
  • Indicators that a company is missing the strategic opportunity with IA
  • How Gary positions intelligent automation with companies
  • The possibility of the “Great Resignation” becoming the next supply chain crisis
  • The likelihood of investors asking the question “What % of your labor force is digital?”
  • Story of a Blue Prism customer who transformed their business with intelligent automation

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