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Reimagining US Federal Work for the Post-Pandemic World

Time: 34:07
Transform Now Podcast with David Ware of McKinsey & Company

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How to Kickstart Change at the Federal Level

As it did with the private sector, the pandemic has raised the level of urgency around many systemic issues within the public sector. McKinsey & Company recently published a white paper to express their observations and recommendations on this topic. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with David Ware, a partner at McKinsey and contributor to the white paper, who explains how the federal government can reimagine work and drive significant needed change in the near-term.

Here’s what we talked with David about:

  • The biggest federal government issues exposed during the pandemic
  • What areas require the most in the near-term
  • How the federal government should address the remote work topic
  • Where and how major changes in the technical infrastructure of the federal government will occur
  • The potential savings from automation at the federal level
  • Where the government should focus their automation efforts
  • The outlook for real-estate changes across the federal government
  • How leaders can increase the chance of success in reimagining work

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