Podcast | 131

Revealing Observations from the Front Lines of Intelligent Automation

Time: 25:29
Transform NOW Podcast with Xavier Hanson of Reveal Group

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Reveal Group has been a key delivery and TAP partner for Blue Prism for many years. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Xavier Hanson, a partner at Reveal Group, who shares many of his pointed observations on what's going on in the world of intelligent automation.

Here’s what we talked with Xavier about:

  • Overview of Reveal Group – services and product portfolio
  • The major challenges companies face with scaling intelligent automation
  • Building an intelligent automation capability versus outsourcing IA talent
  • Where companies need to utilize AI more in their process automation
  • What’s right and what’s wrong with citizen development programs
  • The trend toward hybrid automation platforms
  • The advent of process intelligence and its impact on scaling intelligent automation
  • An interesting Reveal Group customer story
  • Intelligent automation predictions for 2022

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