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The CIO Perspective on Achieving Automation at Scale

Time: 37:39
Transform NOW Podcast with 7x CEO and Author Mark Settle

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A Career CIO Weighs in on Intelligent Automation

In intelligent automation programs, the role of the CIO is critically important. However, the CIO viewpoint on what makes automation journey successful is often misunderstood. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Mark Settle, a seven-time CIO, author and advisor to start-up companies, who provides his perspective on how companies are achieving automation at scale.

Here’s what we talked with Mark about:

  • How most CIOs view Robotic Process Automation
  • The CIO perspective on enabling the business to automate on their own
  • The optimal location for an automation center of excellence within an organization
  • The most important thing a CIO can do to ensure an organization achieves its strategic objectives for intelligent automation
  • Why automation, data analytics and machine learning tools used in concert is critical to achieving automation at scale
  • The key success factors for automating at scale
  • The impact of citizen development on scaling
  • How automation at scale can create competitive advantage for companies
  • How start-up companies view intelligent automation
  • Consolidation and investment trends in the intelligent automation industry

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