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The Journey to Transformation at Scale at Old Mutual

Time: 15:56
Transform NOW Podcast with Tags Moodley and Kusheel Amritlall of Old Mutual

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Old Mutual Transforms with a Start-up's Mindset

Old Mutual sees their company as both a 176-year old organization and a 24-month old start-up. On this podcast, Kavita Maharaj speaks with Tags Moodley, chief CX director and Kusheel Amritlall, head of applied intelligence from Old Mutual and they share how they embarked on their digital transformation journey in 2020, which has evolved into applied intelligence as the newer technology has emerged or matured. Over this time, they've scaled to deliver in excess of 17 million minutes of time saved back to the business.

Here’s what we talked with Tags and Kusheel about:

  • The journey Old Mutual has been on over the last two years
  • The focus on scale and delivery of value to the business
  • Continuous improvement on their customer experience to benefit both policyholders and front line staff

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