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Transforming the Utilities Industry

Time: 38:39
Transform NOW Podcast with Aaron Denman of Bain & Company

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A Once-in-a-Generation Industry Makeover

Few industries will experience as much change in the near-term as the power and utilities sector. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Aaron Denman, the leader of Bain's utilities and renewables practice in the Americas, who provides his perspective on how and why this industry is poised for wholesale transformation and the role that emerging technology and other levers will play in the process.

Here’s what we talked with Aaron about:

  • What is driving the need for business transformation in the power and utilities industry
  • Biggest obstacles to achieving the Net Zero objective over the coming decades
  • Workforce dynamics that must be addressed in the utilities industry
  • How increasing customer expectations have impacted the corporate agenda of utilities
  • Where emerging technologies such as AI and robotic process automation are playing the biggest role in transforming utilities
  • The general readiness of utilities to take advantage of advanced technologies
  • How emerging tech will impact the development of renewable energy
  • The top three priorities for utilities in the near-term

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