Mercy Radiology’s Digital Workers Free Staff to Spend More Time with Patients

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Blue Prism have been an excellent partner to work with. They've got deep expertise and deep knowledge that's been built up over decades of work in the robotic process automation space. What that does for an organisation like ourselves, is it gives us the ability to leverage all of that knowledge and that expertise, and deploy solutions really rapidly and really quickly.
Dr. Lloyd McCann CEO of Mercy Radiology and Clinics and Head of Digital Health for Healthcare Holdings

Based in New Zealand, Mercy Radiology offers a broad range of state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional radiological services at 13 different clinics.

On a mission to become New Zealand’s leading bionic radiology provider, the company has continued to look for efficiencies in its business. When the healthcare provider noticed delays in appointment bookings and invoicing, Mercy hired two Blue Prism digital workers – Rob-E and Mathilda. 

Watch the video to learn how these digital workers have helped Mercy save $200,000 each year and increased staff time spent with patients.

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