Riyad Bank Migrates 60 Processes in Just 6 Months with SS&C Blue Prism

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Riyad Bank Migrates Automation Processes to SS&C Blue Prism 

Riyad Bank aims to increase operational efficiency across their business, deliver exceptional digital services to customers, and free employees from manual tasks in order to work on innovative projects. They see intelligent automation as a key component to the success of these goals. They brought in SS&C Blue Prism to help them rapidly scale their banking automation program. They successfully rolled out 200 processes in six months by setting a solid foundation, engaging employees in the process, and garnering executive support. Specific examples of their successful processes include a loan adjustment process and end-of-day transaction handling for bank tellers.

Business Impact:

  • Broad usage of automation: digital workers active in six departments and 13 divisions across the company.
  • Lightning-fast scale: 200+ automation introduced in just six months.
  • Digital workers have handled 200,000 transactions with an average handling time of 1.45 minutes.
  • The bank has returned more than 230,000 hours back to business.
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