Automating the Enterprise in the New Normal

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Initially, companies looked at automation technologies as a way to reduce costs in completing highly repetitive routine tasks — which was largely outsourced. But the global pandemic has put a new spotlight on the role of automation.

Many organizations now need to reduce dependence on human labor for business-critical processes that have been disrupted by lost productivity. Others are trying to respond to significant volume surges due to shifts in demand.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how the automation technology landscape is evolving and the broad set of benefits companies are achieving — beyond cost savings. Learn how automation is improving business resiliency in challenging times and the activities needed to scale automation across the enterprise.

Attendees will learn about:
- Evolving technologies used in automation initiatives
- How automation supports business resiliency
- Ways to scale automation across the enterprise


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      Alan Farrar

      Head of Automation, eBay

      Speaker Placeholder

      Giovanni Gentile

      MD Robotics, State Street Bank and Trust

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      Josh Noble

      Practice Director, Blue Prism

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      Ted Shelton

      Partner, Bain & Company (moderator)

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