Webinar On-Demand: Building Trust and Breaking Down Misconceptions in Claims Management

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How automated claims can help to win customer hearts, minds and wallets.

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A great claims experience should stand an insurance company in good stead when it comes to renewal. However, many policyholders still shop around because they have been conditioned in the belief they can get a better deal elsewhere, an issue that has been tackled head on recently by the Financial Conduct Authority in its final report on pricing practices in the home and motor insurance markets.

Against this backdrop, this webinar - produced in association with Insurance Post - invites you to listen to a panel discussion about why it has never been more important to fine tune and promote the claims journey as a USP; how that can be done with intelligent automation; and how it could be a fantastic tool in building trust in an insurance brand.

Panelists in this webinar

  • Amy Brettell, Head of Customer UK Claims, Zurich
  • Chris McIlduff, Chief Customer Officer, Davies Group
  • Martin Milliner, Claims Director, LV=
  • Hugo Fernandes, Claims Global Digital Platforms Lead, Hiscox
  • Hugh Pelling, Senior Account Director, Blue Prism

In the webinar, we cover these claims discussion points:

  • What do customers want from an ‘ideal’ claims journey; and what are the easiest wins an insurer can introduce to meet these expectations?
  • What’s the connection between automating claims and providing a better customer experience?
  • How do insurers strike the perfect balance of not been seen to be too interventionist/questioning when it comes to claims - and managing fraud?
  • What role does communication play in the claims journey; and how often and through what channels do claimants expect to be communicated with?
  • We live in an age where speed of delivery is seen to be a virtue for most services consumers buy. Realistically, how quickly should policyholders expect a claim to be settled and do insurers need to make compromises to fulfil the desired consumer outcome?
  • How do you make sure your claims eco-system is built with the customer’s interest at the heart of everything you do?
  • Will there ever be a situation where a great claims journey is simply a hygiene factor for insurers? Will the consumer belief that insurers do not pay claims ever be consigned to history?
  • What is intelligent automation’s role in achieving that?
  • How could and should insurers promote their claims expertise when marketing insurance to potential customers?

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