Customer Success Lunch and Learn - Effective Operational Reporting and People Investment

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How To Drive RPA ROI with Smart Reporting and Strategic People Investments

Managing the day-to-day operations of your RPA processes is a crucial part of your RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), even if it might not seem glamorous. It's like the engine room that drives value from your RPA activities. But how do you know how much value you're really getting and which areas provide the most return on investment? And what should you do about processes that aren't delivering value?

Armed with accurate information about the value of intelligent automation (IA), how can you utilize this to promote further engagement across your business to deliver more value, supporting wider digital transformation efforts?

Join this discussion with Nick Hensman, RPA manager at Drax PLC, to understand how Nick created a real-time reporting dashboard that he has successfully used to maximize RPA ROI and promote digital transformation across Drax. You’ll also hear how Nick established an RPA academy at Drax, not only to train and recruit new members of his CoE team but also to publicize the benefits of RPA across Drax and create a network of RPA evangelists, who bring automation opportunities to the RPA CoE from across the business.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What should you report on, and why it is critical to success.
  • How to focus on high-value processes and what to do with low-value items.
  • How to use your reporting dashboard to drive wider engagement and adoption of intelligent automation within your business.
  • How to establish an RPA learning academy and the hidden benefits that this will bring to teams.


Nick Hensman

RPA Manager, Drax PLC

Robin Parker

Customer Success Manager, SS&C Blue Prism

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