Embracing Digital Transformation with Intelligent Automation

Embracing Digital Transformation with Intelligent Automation

Join Qualesce/Integre and SS&C Blue Prism in this session via Zoom to learn:

  • The latest in the automation software technology landscape
  • How generative AI and machine learning can better support intelligent automation (IA)
  • How you can maximize existing automation investments for enhanced impact and scalability
  • Building a business case across functional teams to secure further investment in automation

Qualesce/Integre and SS&C | Blue Prism: Embracing Digital Transformation with Intelligent Automation

According to the Automation Now & Next report, IA has emerged as the solution to help mitigate business vulnerabilities for a vast majority of Indian organizations. Automation rollouts in India surpass the rest of the world, with 67% of companies already deploying 300+ software bots across their enterprise. Automation budgets are also increasing in India, with a whopping 93% of organizations planning to expand their automation budgets within the next year.

Many proven use cases, such as retailers, use the technology to augment the effort of their human employees for manual tasks. Tasks such as inventory and forecasting. Manufacturing and logistics companies profit by automatically tracking shipments in real-time, reducing their liabilities and ultimately delivering goods safely and on time. One of the biggest use cases for IA is in the banking and financial services sector, automating customer-facing tasks such as account opening, loan applications, and internal processes like compliance and risk management.

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    Sanat Rao

    Sanat Rao

    Global Alliance Director, SS&C Blue Prism, India

    Jagadish Ta BP

    Jagadish Ta

    Regional Lead - Partner Presales & Solutions, SS&C Blue Prism

    Lynburn Morris Infosys

    Lynburn Morris

    Principal Consultant, Infosys Limited

    Andy Asava Qualesce

    Andy Asava

    Executive Chairman, Qualesce

    Avinash Arora Integre

    Avinash Arora

    Director & CEO, Integre

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