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Intelligent Automation for Manufacturing

Blue Prism Intelligent Automation for Manufacturing

Manufacturers face ever-evolving challenges from changing government policies, international trade wars and growing environmental concerns, which are bringing huge paradigm shifts across the sector. All of this has been further complicated by a global pandemic, significant skills shortages, growing cyber threats and evolving customer needs for greater personalization.
Manufacturers and suppliers must embrace Industry 4.0 to remain competitive, monetize the opportunities new technologies bring, and drive change faster, safer and more reliably.

In this guide to intelligent automation in manufacturing, we'll explore why industry-leading organizations like Hershey's, ABB and Jaguar Landrover are using a digital workforce to transform the way they do business. 

Inside you'll find key insights including:

  • What is intelligent automation in manufacturing
  • A detailed look at how a digital workforce can help transform the way you do business
  • How a digital workforce can transform your SAP ERP
  • And, why Blue Prism's intelligent automation is a good fit for your manufacturing organization

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