Transform Your Contact Center Experience

Omni-channel in the contact center

How Intelligent Automation is Delivering True Omni-Channel Experiences for Customers & Contact Centers

Key takeaways in this webinar

  • The challenges facing contact centers and customers
      • What an omni-channel experience really looks like
      • What is Intelligent Automation, Conversational AI, and Digital Workers
      • How to rapidly and easily deploy Intelligent Automation for maximum impact
      • Demonstration of Blue Prism’s Service Assist in action and how it can be applied to transform experiences

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      Customers expect on-demand 24/7 service, with easy access to all the information they need. However, this is putting additional strains on Contact Centers and existing resources, not only impacting the morale of teams but often negatively impacting customer experiences and brand reputation.

      Discover how Intelligent Automation can help businesses to transform customer and contact center experiences through creating a true omni-channel experience.

      This webinar explores the challenges faced by contact centers in delivering on-demand customer support. As well as how organizations can deploy technology to deliver improved experiences and reduce the pressure on internal teams. See an exclusive demonstration on conversational AI and Digital Worker solutions available within the Blue Prism, RPAi, and Humley offering.

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