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Enterprise Leaders Concerned About Meeting Growth Goals

Intelligent Automation can help with challenges in productivity uplift 

In this thought leadership report SS&C Blue Prism surveyed 1,005 enterprise business decision-makers across Europe and North America about their priorities and challenges for the next 12 months. Find out how enterprise leaders are planning to increase business growth and productivity with intelligent automation

Download the Productivity Squared report, to learn how intelligent automation can help improve productivity in the workplace. 

Why you want to download this research paper:

  • Find our how to overcome growth obstacles with RPA technology
  • Learn how to compete against rising costs and inflation with RPA software
  • See the way to increasing productivity by upskilling talent with RPA software bots
  • Learn how RPA technology can be applied in various departments of the enterprise

Read the report now to learn more. 

The research combines business decision-makers' perspectives on growth, productivity and talent with official government productivity figures from across regions.

We’re seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential productivity gains over the coming years. We’re at the start of a revolution in productivity, driven by intelligent automation"
Eric Tyree SVP, AI and Innovation at SS&C Blue Prism

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