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How Deloitte, Blue Prism, and SAP® work together to improve ERP transformation with intelligent automation

Discover the value of
intelligent automation in ERP transformation

The Deloitte and Blue Prism alliance delivers robotic process automation  services to enterprise clients across industries. Together, our alliance collaborates with SAP to implement integrated ERP solutions for clients utilizing intelligent automation. Intelligent automation helps to improve ERP transformation by enabling the automations of repeatable processes. At Deloitte, we leverage intelligent automation to expedite, standardize, and streamline client project delivery. 

Historically, automation has been used primarily in back-office functions and has focused on rules-based or repeatable processes. However, as automation technologies continue to advance, we are seeing automation transcend the traditional boundaries of back-office or rules-based functions. Now, automation is being used to transform strategic processes that are truly at the heart of the business. For example, automation can be used in banking organizations to consume unstructured data and holistically redefine loan vetting processes.

How does Deloitte use automation within their organization?

At Deloitte, we leverage automation to simplify some of our own processes such as expense filing and payroll management. By applying this experience from our own automation journey, we have built automations to help streamline client service delivery and enable our practitioners to work alongside and complement a robust digital workforce.

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