White Paper

How the Public Sector Can Take RPA to the Next Level with IA

Download your Playbook to learn how RPA can help agencies resolve key challenges:

  • An outline of automation in the industry with statistics, news, and more
  • A four-step play on key areas that explain the need for intelligent automation and the benefits agencies can reap from pursuing it
  • A summary of governing values that intelligent automation can amplify
  • An industry spotlight featuring success stories and the RPA lifecycle

GovLoop worked with RPA leader Blue Prism to put together this playbook, which will explain how intelligently applied RPA can help agencies resolve key challenges, such as implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enabling efficient and effective management of a hybrid workforce, and improving identity management and security. 

You will learn what key impacts for a successful implementation you need to consider and better understand the technology and use cases in the public sector. You will also be able to learn from success stories with RPA and plans for the future.

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