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Use process mining to automate wisely, not to automate everything

Download this ebook to learn why it's important to carefully choose your automation targets and how you can do this most effectively with Process Intelligence.

In this ebook you'll learn: 

  • Why it's important to pick your automation targets carefully
  • How to choose the right automation targets
  • How to apply process mining and task mining 
  • What steps you need to take to determine your automation strategy for each process
  • Why it's critical to use process mining and task mining after you've deployed automation

Choose your automations wisely with Process Intelligence

Process automation has traditionally been a painstaking process. Why? In large part because of the time it takes to manually map out processes and engage process owners.

However, process mining and task mining tools are changing this reality. Now, thanks to these tools you can get a comprehensive and reliable view of how your businesses processes work.

Understandably, once you've seen the speed and accuracy of these new tools, it's tempting to automate everything. But, here we explain why you still need to apply wisdom and be selective about the processes you choose.

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