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Automation in Retail Banking

Automation in the Banking Industry

Banks need to modernize to stay competitive and one of the best ways to do so is embedding intelligent automation into the processes that pose the greatest value outcomes. So, how can you identify the right processes to apply automation for the best business outcomes and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI)?

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Why Retail and Commercial Banks Opt for Us

Retail and commercial banks choose SS&C Blue Prism for our unmatched security and compliance measures. Our robust banking automation solutions prioritize safeguarding financial data, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards while streamlining operations. Embrace a secure, future-ready approach to banking with us.

The Retail Banking Landscape Is Changing — So Should You

Your retail banking objectives
Our retail banking automation solutions
How we elevate retail banking
Retail Banking Objectives

Your retail banking objectives

Customers today demand more from their retail banks, seeking not just services but tailored advice and a commitment to sustainability. Amid uncertainties in markets, evolving legislation, emerging technologies and increased competition, banks like yours are challenged to stand out.

Build a Digital Future with Automation

Benefits of Retail Banking Automation

Improve customer experiences

IA and RPA-powered digital workers enable real-time data analysis, empowering banks to anticipate customer needs, provide personalized recommendations and help with customers' queries. They’re also available 24/7, so they can act at any time to improve customer relationships.

Boost employee morale

IA allows your employees to work in collaboration with RPA digital workers for better digital experiences and improved employee satisfaction. Think of them as digital assistants; they remove the time-consuming tasks from human employees, who can focus on more value-driven work.

Reduce compliance complexity

Intelligent automation and RPA not only track, record and audit every transaction but they can also generate precise reports. Furthermore, they seamlessly adapt to evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring your retail banking operations are compliant with minimal hassle.

Increase operational efficiency

By passing routine and manual processes like data entry, transaction activities and account updates to digital workers, automation can speed up operations and processing times. It also allows banks to handle higher transaction volumes with no dips in accuracy or productivity.

Save on rework costs

Automation of repetitive and resource-intensive tasks not only accelerates processes but also minimizes the risk of human errors, saving banks from the cost of tasks that need rework or duplications and contributing to a more streamlined and cost-effective operational ecosystem.

A connected ecosystem

Intelligent automation connects all retail banking functions and ensures accurate data flows seamlessly throughout the organization. This connected view empowers decision-makers with a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on now, enabling smarter and faster choices for better outcomes.

RPA in Retail Banking Use Cases

Customer Service


Digital workers can simplify and streamline the entire onboarding process. They automatically digitize and file information with 100% accuracy, and sends it to the right people within defined SLAs.


IA personalizes customer interactions, identifying patterns and preferences to help banks anticipate and deliver targeted services, enhancing overall customer experiences.

Account maintenance

Digital workers help process transactions, automatically update individual customer information across data sources and manage account balances.

Payment automation

IA can also help with e-transfers, wire transfers, direct deposits, etc., all while upholding compliance and ensuring robust data security.

Risk management

Credit scoring

IA speeds up accurate credit scoring by automatically collecting and analyzing data, adjusting rules in real time and ensuring compliance. This means quicker credit card processing decisions with fewer errors.

Market surveillance

Stay up to date with market conditions, including those relevant to trade finance, with IA. Digital workers monitor real-time market conditions, providing managers with insights to mitigate risks effectively.

Fraud detection

Digital workers can automatically monitor transactions and flag unusual behavior in real time. Banks can then take preventative measures against fraudulent activities and improve their reaction time.

AML automation

IA can enhance anti-money laundering (AML) compliance efforts with transaction monitoring, customer due diligence and suspicious activity detection.

Regulatory compliance

Document verification

RPA and IA streamline the verification of any documents, such as automation for mortgage applications. It can collect, extract and validate information from diverse data sets. Human workers are alerted if any issues arise.

Transaction monitoring

RPA can monitor transactions in real time. It can also automatically flag and investigate any suspicious activities to meet stringent compliance standards.

Know Your Customer

RPA digital workers can follow specific processes and audit at the key-stroke-level. They can gather, update and validate customer information to facilitate adherence to KYC regulations accurately and efficiently.

Regulatory reporting

Automation generates accurate and timely reports, and ensures banks meet legal and regulatory requirements by never failing to meet reporting SLAs.

Marketing and sales

Lead generation 

IA analyzes vast customer datasets to pinpoint promising leads, while RPA can streamline the lead management process by automating routine tasks, ensuring more efficient and targeted marketing campaigns.  

Customer segmentation 

Automate customer segmentation easily. Digital workers can process information based on predefined criteria, allowing for personalized communications.  

Journey experience  

Digital workers step in to automate manual, repetitive tasks, ensuring a seamless experience at every stage and offering assistance whenever needed. 

Upsell and cross-selling  

IA and AI analyze customer interactions and transaction histories for strategic recommendations and upselling/cross-selling opportunities. RPA executes these recommendations, ensuring timely and relevant customer offers.  

Riyad Bank Returns More Than 230,000 Hours Back to the Business

Riyad Bank brought SS&C Blue Prism in to increase operational and process efficiency across their business, deliver exceptional digital services to customers and free employees from manual effort tasks.