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Be Boundless.

Master the unknown

with intelligent automation

Forrester TEI Report 2024 - Value of BPM & RPA Together

New Forrester TEI Study

Get better business value with RPA + BPM together. 48% of organizations are doing it according to the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study commissioned by SS&C Blue Prism.

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Everest peak matrix - Leaders in RPA Peak Matrix

A Leader in Everest Group's RPA PEAK Matrix

We’ve climbed the mountain, but we’re always looking for that next peak. Read the report to find out how we’re reaching new heights in RPA.

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Future of Intelligent Automation - Next Generation

The Future of Intelligent Automation is here

Next Gen is an all-in-one intelligent automation platform. Discover how hybrid deployment combines all the advantages of the cloud, with all of the benefits of a locally deployed digital workforce.

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SS&C Blue prism live event- Generative AI, Intelligent Automation & Digital Transformation

Join us at SS&C Blue Prism Live

Experience the cutting-edge of generative AI, intelligent automation, and digital transformation at the immersive SS&C Blue Prism Live global event series, where industry leaders converge to explore and uncover the future of innovation.

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Star Performer in Process Orchestration

We're a Leader and a Star Performer

We're orchestrating a symphony of processes, people and systems with our Chorus BPM platform. Read the report to find out how we’re hitting all the right notes with process orchestration.

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Why SS&C Blue Prism?

Accelerate Growth

SS&C Blue Prism intelligent automation solutions, powered by AI and machine learning, will help you deliver against strategic business goals, at speed, allowing you to remain agile in the face of an ever-changing socio-economic landscape.

Exceed Customer Expectations

A highly engaged workforce positively impacts productivity, revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Orchestrating work between people and digital workers, saves time, resources, and creates more time for better customer interactions.

Stay Competitive

SS&C Blue Prism allows you to assign digital workers and people to the right task. Scale your operations quickly and effectively to give you resilience, regardless of market conditions, and stay competitive.

Scale Effectively

Using one platform for automation and business management gives a single view of operations. This makes enterprise-wide orchestration of work with RPA and BPM software easier than ever, while eradicating siloed operations and mitigating operational risk.

Generative AI-Powered Automation: 
The Next Generation of Process Orchestration and Automation

The explosion of gen AI is disrupting and transforming business practices, strategies and technologies everywhere. With it, the opportunity to intelligently automate more powerful use cases is greater than ever, and the collective potential these combined technologies offer is limited only by the imagination of the people within them. Welcome to the future.

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Think Bigger With Generative AI: Supercharging Intelligent Automation

Learn what generative AI is, what it can do and how it can expand the power of intelligent automation.

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IA & RPA for Finance accounting

Enhance Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting teams use SS&C | Blue Prism® Intelligent Automation to optimize all areas of accounting such as purchase order and invoice processing.

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Purchase order processing

Optimize Purchase Order Processing

Rapidly automate your sales order processing with the power of SS&C Blue Prism digital workers. Cut costs, reduce errors, save time, and improve the customer & employee experience.

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Communications mining

Effective Communications Mining

Turn any message into structured, actionable data thanks to effective communications mining.

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Human resources

Make Human Resources More Efficient

RPA for human resources helps organizations achieve significant operational efficiencies and enhance the employee experience.

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Logistics management

Automate Your Logistics Management

Utilize digital technologies and RPA to build efficiency, accuracy and speed into your logistics, supply chain management and operations.

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Employee onboarding

Speed Up Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is a one time opportunity to make a lasting impression. A superior onboarding experience has the potential to increase retention by up to 80%, enhance productivity and save you money.

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Pfizer homepage logo

Pfizer Changes Patients' Lives with RPA

The Enterprise Automation Services team, and Pfizer as a whole, have achieved tremendous success with their digital workforce.


Hours back (annually) to employees


Faster select clinical trial data processing


Time reduction to process product claim validation

"The automation team helps in maximizing our resources, allowing colleagues to focus on more meaningful work as opposed to repetitive manual tasks which help us bring medicines to the world faster."

Namita Pande Enterprise Automation Team Intake and Portfolio Lead

Invesco Logo Homepage

Invesco Doubles ROI and Saves $2.1 Million Each Year

The digital workforce is actively operating 165 processes in 35 business functions and sub-functions in Invesco's back and front offices worldwide.


Estimated annual savings


Minutes given back to the business


From one year to the next

"We have doubled our ROI each year and have scaled our spectrum of automation to include RPA, desktop automation, ALM deployment, OCR, machine learning and data visualization.”

Ashish Jha Director Automation Solutions, Innovation and Capabilities

Western Union Logo

Fast Response to Agent Requests with Intelligent Automation

Processing time for limit increases has been reduced from 10 minutes to just 20 seconds and Western Union has returned more than 1,000 hours back to the business each month.


Instead of 10 min. to complete an agent request


Daily limits are adjusted any time


Tasks completed per year

"Previously customers had to wait in the store as limits were worked to re-attempt the previously declined transactions. With SS&C Blue Prism, dynamic limits for agents are increased proactively.”

Gintautas Jonutis Director, Global Head of Robotics and Intelligent Automation

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Our customers can definitely see a lot of improvements with intelligent automation.

 So we’re definitely looking forward to delivering more and more of that to the company."

Linda Mateusz Director – Automation & AI

Thames Valley Police

"We are dealing with 14,000 tasks every month.

What RPA does for us is prioritising our work load, making sure that we are getting to those of higher risk of harm first."

Charlotte Donohoe Head of Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub

Nordea logo homepage

SS&C Blue Prism’s IAP is easy to use. It allows business people to do automation.

The automation serves all business areas right now, it doesn’t matter if it is the front or backend of the bank."

Agnieszka Belowska Goslawska Head of RPA Centre of Excellence

The Co operative logo homepage

SS&C Blue Prism was one of the only companies that would give us a cloud-based solution.

It took us three weeks from the point of signing the contract to having a platform readily available to start our automation journey."

Scott Worth Head of Centre of Excellence

ATB Financial Logo Homepage

We were able to save 39,000 hours of team processing time.

There is just no way for us to make up that amount of effort easily without automation."

Mark Hadubiak Lead Automation Analyst

SS&C Blue Prism Product Portfolio

Development to transform processes

Faster time-to-value and maximize return-on-investment

Automation​ to power work

Boost productivity and deliver exceptional experiences

Orchestration ​to elevate performance

Maximize business growth and deliver the highest returns

AI Powered Platform & Operating Model

Fuel innovation and future-proof your business

A Workforce Unified by RPA and Intelligent Automation

Our intelligent automation platform (IAP) allows organizations to succeed on their path to digital transformation while improving employee and customer experiences. Our enterprise-wide RPA and BPM software products, powered by intelligent automation, provide full control and governance. We empower organizations to deliver the desired business outcomes with our robotic process automation (RPA) and business process management solutions.


Intelligent Automation

Build a business that works smarter, not harder with the Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) that gives you everything you need to futureproof your enterprise. Imagine a workforce unburdened from mundane work to focus on tasks that excite them, making you a faster more flexible enterprise that drives business results. Our automation platform ecosystem will accelerate your digital transformation.

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Robotic Process Automation

If you’re looking to implement RPA and intelligent automation or get up to speed with the latest trends, the Ultimate Guide to RPA and Intelligent Automation is packed with insights, visionary and strategic ideas, practical advice, and more.

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What is a Digital Worker?

A digital worker is a super organized, multitasking software robot powered by RPA software technology. It works within your existing systems, technology and applications to execute business processes. From repeatable and predictable to challenging and complex, digital workers effortlessly deliver any task they're assigned.

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Business Process Management

Automation can revolutionize your business, saving costs, increasing job satisfaction and empowering your people to focus on more strategic tasks. BPM plays a critical role in the automation journey. Read our BPM guide to learn how your organization would benefit from business process management.

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