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Join a new generation of business leaders expert at adapting their strategy and operations @speed to survive and thrive in a volatile world.

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Forget business as usual and head for @speed as usual.

Adapting overnight is the new norm. Absorbing unforeseen surges in demand. Switching products and services to meet a new need. The pressure from today’s global economic environment is already challenging companies and organizations to move faster, innovate more. This pace of change requires a level of operational agility never seen before

Switch to hyper agile operations with a Digital Workforce.

With our cloud-based Digital Workforce, you gain access to a pool of flexible resources that can be put to work wherever you need them. Ready to scale capacity up or down in line with your business volumes, our Digital Workers close the gap between planning and execution allowing you to adapt and launch new products or services faster.

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Fast forward business impact.

Let your people focus on devising the improvements that will transform your organization @speed and let SS&C Blue Prism’s digital workforce execute your strategy @speed. Our Digital Workers are smart enough to work on complex tasks, so secure you can trust them to follow your rules without fail, and easy to scale from one function to another.

Accelerate your path to value.

Mobilize your Digital Workforce in days. With no delays on setting up infrastructure, our turnkey intelligent automation platform, SS&C | Blue Prism® Cloud gives your organization a quick route to automation ROI. Pre-configured with all the tools and AI capabilities needed to get Digital Workers delivering business value @speed, we leave you free to focus your resources on delivering outcomes and simply rely on SS&C Blue Prism to make sure your Digital Workforce is available 24/7.


Innovate @speed in any cloud.

Whatever your cloud strategy, we give you the freedom to build your Digital Workforce the way you want. From AWS, Google and Microsoft to IBM, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, our cloud ecosystem provides full choice for interoperability. Add to this, ready to use world class AI and RPA technologies in just 3 clicks from the SS&C | Blue Prism® Digital Exchange, and your Digital Workforce is equipped to transform processes, on-demand.

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