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Oct 31, 2019

Blue Prism Continues Extending Delivery of New Intelligent Automation Capabilities Via Digital Exchange (DX) “App Store”

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CloudTrade, IN-D by Intain, and Zanran are the Latest Partners to Join Blue Prism’s Ecosystem

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – October 31, 2019 — New intelligent automation capabilities continue to be added weekly to Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX). In this latest round, Blue Prism has added new capabilities for capturing and dealing with unstructured data, working with PDFs, as well as leveraging machine learning algorithms from innovative companies like CloudTrade, IN-D by Intain and Zanran.

These companies are all part of Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP), which serves to augment and extend traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities via the DX—Blue Prism’s intelligent automation “app store” and online community. Companies participating in Blue Prism’s TAP as affiliate partners, can easily share their solutions, accelerate product development and minimize time to market for their products, using the most advanced RPA software.

“Our DX gives us an easy way to spearhead innovation and drive RPA adoption by addressing what matters most to our customers,” says Bruce Mazza, VP of the Technology Alliances Program (TAP) for Blue Prism. “They are looking to insights, guidance and access to the best arsenal of intelligent automation capabilities on the market. We provide that be delivering an a la carte menu of comprehensive intelligent automation options, drag and drop access to best of breed technologies, while making it easy to scale. This is a one stop shop for driving innovation.”

Highlights from this new round of affiliate partners include:

CloudTrade: The integration of CloudTrade and Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce means customers can easily automate and extract data with unmatched accuracy delivering unprecedented levels of detail. CloudTrade uses patented document automation tools to take in application generated documents including invoices, orders, statements, legal documents and many more. This enables Blue Prism Digital Workers to support a host of use cases such as on-boarding, fraud prevention or procurement optimization. The partnership provides early validation to ensure all incoming documents meet business specific data requirements, further enhancing downstream processes.

“The CloudTrade and Blue Prism partnership is exciting for RPA. Allowing customers to utilize extraordinarily accurate data, extracted, validated and processed, without human intervention, is a massive step in powering and automating RPA processes. Our patented solution is the only platform to extract and validate data in this way and we can’t wait to show Blue Prism’s partners and customers how it can transform their business,” says Steve Emecz, CRO for CloudTrade.

IN-D by Intain: IN-D by Intain has created a platform that leverages machine learning algorithms to extract meaningful and actionable information from structured and unstructured documents. The integration of IN-D by Intain and Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce means customers can make their journey from document to data to decisions fast, reduce costs, mitigate risk, ensure compliance and improve overall operations.

“We help customers find inventive ways to solve document capture-related problems without changing their current workflows by digitally transforming, classifying and extracting unstructured data,” says Rahul Chandra, Head of South East Asia and MENA for IN-D by Intain. “Joining forces with Blue Prism will give our customers a chance to further push their innovation limits, explore new solutions and help us to provide them with even better end to end automated services.”

Zanran: The integration of Zanran with Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce means customers can lift billions of data points from financial reports – including tables, text, graphics, diagrams & photographs for analysis. This capability delivers new insights and actionable data within an RPA process, which better supports overall data management and business intelligence.

“We’re helping customers discover, analyze and unlock the true potential of their data,” says Pankaj Kumar, Senior Vice President of Sales and Solutions for Zanran. “Our partnership with Blue Prism gives customers a great route to intelligent automation.”

If you want to find out more about joining the Blue Prism Technology Alliances Program, please visit: https://www.blueprism.com/partners-and-services/become-a-partner.

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