Feb 26, 2019

Blue Prism’s Certification Program Continues to Gain Traction as Connected-RPA Adoption Soars


World Class Partner and Training Program Provides Highest Quality Assurance and a Quick Path to ROI for Blue Prism Customers

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – February 26, 2019 — Supporting the success of every customer Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployment and installation, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), today announced further enhancements to what is already one of the industry’s most comprehensive certification programs. This certification program helps give customers peace of mind and a quick path to a greater Return on Investment (ROI) when utilizing Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform for driving intelligent automation.

Currently, Blue Prism has several key organizations enrolled in the certification program including Accenture/Avanade, Agilify, Deloitte, EY, IBM, Reveal Group, Symphony, WonderBotz as well as many others. These organizations are required to renew their certification annually, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and endorsement feedback from their customers. This rigor, coupled with regional recognition, provides a high level of assurance for those customers seeking a global or local, certified partner to help deliver maximum value from their RPA investments.

“Blue Prism’s Partner Certification Program was designed from the ground up to be independently validated by third parties with substantiated feedback from our customers,” says Linda Dotts, SVP Global Partner Strategy and Programs for Blue Prism. “This approach ensures authenticity, quality and consistency right across the board. Our certifications are now awarded, and re-awarded, annually, enhancing the program’s pedigree and success rate with customers.”

Blue Prism’s certification program is the industry’s leading partner certification and assurance program that is independently validated. The program offers more than 10,000 certified resources world-world while setting a benchmark for customer quality and success. This helps to ensure that Blue Prism’s connected-RPA deployments are managed and executed to meet the highest standards including supporting the company’s proprietary Robotic Operating Model (ROM®). These partners will also enable Blue Prism customers to build out best-in-class solutions that incorporate cutting edge, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Partner Program Certification Quotes

“A key differentiator for Accenture is having credible people that understand RPA from a strategic, delivery and operational perspective, by investing in Blue Prism certification we are ensuring that we are able to bring the highest standards of capability to our clients”, says Dinesh Mohan, Accenture’s Intelligent Automation Go-to-Market Lead (Europe).

"Blue Prism’s certification process plays a key role in maintaining the quality and integrity of Deloitte’s automation services for its clients – and that’s crucial for delivering the right value from Robotic Process Automation implementations," says Sridhar Rajan, Principal, US Lead and Global Co-Lead for Robotic and Cognitive Automation in Financial Services at Deloitte.

“EY is the first and only organization to achieve Platinum certification from Blue Prism — the highest recognition in intelligent automation delivery and capability, and as such we value the program immensely,” says Simon Constance, EY Global Leader, Blue Prism Alliance. “This certification offers our clients the knowledge that, in a fast-changing market, EY can help them optimize their investment in their RPA projects. Also, as they look to achieve more complex digital transformation projects, bringing a range of technologies together through connected RPA, clients are seeking to collaborate with organizations that can help support them in their journey.”

“Blue Prism’s Certification Program is crucial for clients to find partners with real, proven expertise. Reveal Group’s Gold Capability status is a true recognition of our successes and distinguishes us in the market,” says Ian Crouch, CEO and Managing Partner at Reveal Group.

“As the Intelligent Automation (IA) Industry matures, it is imperative that organizations looking to embark on this journey seek out the most qualified and competent partners to support them,” says Pascal Baker, Co-Founder and Chief Client Officer from Symphony Ventures. “There are really only a few partners globally that have the right level of certification, accreditation and genuine experience in how to scale Intelligent Automation. Certifications provide a hallmark of quality, expertise and consistency. These three attributes help accelerate time to scale benefits, which is ultimately the Holy Grail of what can be achieved with enterprise AI.”

“Certification is a proxy for quality and commitment to the industry and Blue Prism. 100 percent of our client service team, from partner to new developer, has at least one Blue Prism accreditation with many having several,” says Steve LaValle, Managing Partner at WonderBotz. “It shows in our award-winning solutions and client delivery excellence. Even our sales and marketing team takes WonderBotz’s equivalent of foundation training which sometimes gives them more experience than competitor’s developers.”

To find out more attend Blue Prism World, where you’ll learn about the company’s vision, upcoming product enhancements, and hear from customers that have transformed their organizations into connected entrepreneur enterprises with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA. The Blue Prism World events represent the largest RPA forum on the planet offering up unprecedented networking opportunities for attendees.

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