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Case Study

A Three-Stage Customer Service Overhaul Using Chorus

Increase in policy renewal
Improved work flow
Greater efficiency during peak periods
"We centralized all of our communications, including inbound and outbound emails, through Chorus. Any team member can now instantly look up what’s come in or gone out and find it one place.”"
Craig Gorin Ansvar Project Manager PMO

Ansvar is a leading insurance company in Australia with over half a century of operation. To deepen a competitive advantage in customer service, Ansvar partnered with Chorus to implement a major, three-stage overhaul of existing technology systems.


Ansvar required centralized visibility and management of all customer service activities, including communications, task allocation, and document management – identified as a critical differentiator to stay ahead of the competition. 

A core issue revolved around email. Team members who handled policy endorsements and renewals relied on individual inboxes to manage communication and project management. This lack of centralization was the source of many inefficiencies. 


Working together with the SS&C Blue Prism team, Ansvar mapped its business requirements and customized the Chorus platform to design workflows for its renewals and sales process. A three-stage rollout allowed for ample training, onboarding, and sunsetting of outdated systems.

The three-stage rollout:

  • Phase 1: General implementation and training over 15 months
  • Phase 2: Customization of operational dashboards
  • Phase 3: Claims management incorporation


  • Time saved: document search and general back-and-forth were significantly reduced.
  • Improved workflow: bottlenecks became much easier to identify and rectify.
  • Better renewal retention: faster and higher quality customer service led to an increase in policy renewal.
  • Peak period relief: high volume periods (e.g. EOFY) ran more efficiently, reducing stress and errors at a critical time.

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