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Industry Data Sheet: Manufacturing

“Ultimately, with Blue Prism RPA’s universal enterprise connectivity capabilities, we see it as a key enabler for other technologies – including artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies. RPA will provide the foundation for creating and extending these solutions across the business.”

Manufacturing Challenges: changing market dynamics, skills shortages and new competitors

Manufacturing organizations continue to face challenges from evolving government policies, international trade wars and increasing cyber security threats. Coupled with significant skills shortages and new competitors, manufacturers and suppliers must drive efficiencies and increase productivity through digital transformation to remain competitive.

Streamlining Operations with RPA and Intelligent Automation

We work with chemical, pharmaceuticals and engineering companies, food and beverage providers, automotive and aerospace manufacturers and many more. Intelligent automation enables manufacturers like you to accelerate the digitization of their key operations and protect against cyber threats.

Inside you'll learn how we can streamline your operations, including:

  • Predictive Maintenance: RPA and Intelligent Automation can gather data from assorted sensors and systems, facilitating the use of predictive algorithms to provide predictive maintenance and minimize downtime. One customer reduced machine faults by 650 in the first year and saved $10’s millions in maintenance and replacement fees.
  • Quality Assurance: RPA and Intelligent Automation receives, processes and interprets photographs and other digital information that can be categorized and acted upon against quality parameters.
  • Productivity Improvements: Data captured by IoT devices such as factory equipment and RFID tags can be collated, analyzed and acted upon to increase productivity, improve process efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Engineering to Manufacturing: BOM Ensure data updated in the Engineering BOM is replicated in the Manufacturing BOM to avoid waste and re-work.

Download this datasheet to learn about RPA and IA in manufacturing 

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