Optimize the Policy Lifecycle and Claims Process to Achieve a Seamless CX

Hear from expert claims decision makers

A truly seamless claims customer experience has been the beacon many intrepid insurers have been pursuing for years now, yet constantly evolving customer expectations have resulted in the end result proving elusive to many carriers. Developing a best-in-class strategy to manage the policy lifecycle and optimize your customer experience requires a holistic view of your claims department, which technological tools you have at your disposal and where these can be most effectively applied.

Hear from claims decision-makers who specialize in data, automation, client relationships and innovation debate and discuss best practice in your digital claims transformation journey from integrating novel tech with your legacy systems, developing an omnichannel communications strategy for your customers and managing the cost of claims to your carrier.

Join us at this Intelligent Insurer Webinar to:

  • Understand the most promising use-cases for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence to deliver a seamless CX from FNOL to settlement.
  • Technology such as intelligent automation has been proven to improve the level of customer satisfaction in the claims contact center. Learn how a digital workforce can help you create a single customer view for agents, decrease call times and increase calls handled, and contribute to a more human, empathetic journey for the customer.
  • Economic challenges such as inflation are impacting the supply chain and wider claims function - what is the experience so far and what role can AI and automation play in offsetting the impact and rising costs?
  • Go beyond the buzz words. What does “omni-channel” mean in the context of claims? What benefits will it offer both your internal and external customers alike and how can your team achieve it?

Hear from:

  • Jeremy Trott, Claims Director, Ecclesiastical
  • Liz Ryan, Head of Claims Performance and Insights, Zurich
  • Edward de Mas Latrie, Director, Insurance, BluePrism
  • Moderator: Eddie Longworth, Founder and Director, JEL Consulting, Head of The Claims Think Tank, Camelot

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