White Paper

How Technology will inform the next phase of claims transformation

We surveyed insurance professionals about their strategy, challenges and technology for claims. Read the full report.

Claims departments are no strangers to evolving software and technologies. Given that claims is the most critical customer-facing function for both the reputation and bottom line of an insurance business, you’d expect no less. However, claims is still part of the wider organization, therefore faces the same challenges. Inefficient legacy processes and systems, combined with silos of data and technology, are still common obstacles to frictionless operations. As a result, claims staff still spend more time than they should on manual tasks, such as handling data and documentation.

In this report we examine the results of a survey undertaken by Blue Prism and Intelligent Insurer in 2021, looking at how technology informs the strategic priorities of an insurance business and the changes claims departments expect to see moving into 2022.

Download the report to learn how:

  • Automation is enabling change as part of the claims ecosystem
  • Insurance companies must take a strategic approach to intelligent automation
  • How COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digitization
  • What are the key objectives and challenges to be addressed in 2022
  • Blue Prism's customers are embracing technology to inform their future strategy

What's next for claims?

Claims departments must continue to lead the charge in digitization and change, while ensuring they remain connected to the wider organization. Connections within departments must also be developed in order to create more efficiencies and provide better customer experiences. Read our blog to discover how Blue Prism can connect to Guidewire Cloud in order to speed up FNOL.

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