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What does a technology-driven omnichannel experience mean for insurers and consumers?

Achieving omnichannel customer experiences in insurance with the power of cloud

Intelligent automation is integral to developing an omnichannel insurance experience. Blue Prism Cloud, Blue Prism's SaaS platform, lends itself to this approach due to its built in communications channels and AI skills.

In this interview with Senior Account Director and UK insurance lead, Hugh Pelling, Insurance Business Mag UK's Mia Wallace discovers how an intelligent automation strategy can inform digital transformation programs and be a driver for creating omnichannel insurance experiences.

He notes that larger insurers must accelerate their digitization programs to remain competitive as the world makes its way out of the grip of the pandemic and its impact on customer expectations.

Supporting insurance companies on their automation journey

Hugh notes that Blue Prism has had substantial success in supporting the digitization and automation ambitions of insurance clients globally, many of them industry leaders. 

"Every client is in a different part of their journey and the support that the company offers is only becoming more essential as the industry as whole begins to change."

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