White Paper

The Digital Workforce: A New Catalyst for Private Equity Success

“For any acquisition in which cost is a major driver of investment returns, PE firms need an automation agenda. RPA should be on that agenda.” —MICHAEL HERIC, Bain & Company; Global Lead, G&A and Back-Office Automation Practice

Private Equity is laser-focused on getting a return on investments as quickly as possible through driving operational improvements in the portfolio companies. The Digital Workforce can accelerate this process like no other technologies on the market. The time to embrace this transformational capability is now, and those that do so will give themselves an edge in an incredibly competitive environment.

Topics Covered:

  • What is the Digital Workforce and how does it apply to Private Equity firms?
  • What Does Transformation Look Like as Private Equity Integrates Digital Labor?
    • Corporate Level Transformation
    • Portfolio Company Level Transformation
    • Advisory Firm Utilization of Digital Labor
  • Charting the Path Forward with the Digital Workforce

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