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Industry Data Sheet: Telecoms

“[With RPA] we are avoiding 20% of technical visits to the customer’s house, which impacts our costs. We’ve increased the quality for our customers by solving their problem faster, remotely.”

Telecom Companies Need to Transform Operations Launching Game-Changing Technologies Such as 5G

Telecom operators are facing increasing challenges in the digital era. They must compete to make available uninterrupted, affordable and cutting-edge services while improving the overall customer experience. New technologies such as 5G represent a fundamental shift that offers great potential for new services for both consumers and businesses. To drive the business into the digital age, look to RPA to improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer experience with a multitude of service offerings across a variety of technologies.

Telecom Automation to Improve Operational Efficiency and Enhance Customer Experience

Telecom companies need to look at new approaches such as RPA and intelligent automation to achieve the next level of service while maintaining costs, driving revenue, and addressing new technology and innovations.

  • Transform Your Business Systems: streamline end-to-end manual tasks through automation, align data across multiple systems and reduce manual processing, enable real-time processes that increase efficiency and reducing costs
  • Improve the Customer Experience: resolve customer issues faster with a cohesive digital strategy, gain instant access to all customer information from one system, benefit from long-term brand value, increased loyalty, revenue and margin
  • Deploy New Technologies and Innovations Faster: greater agility for regulatory change, reducing compliance costs, leverage process automation for enterprise network planning, performance management, network design, and scaling, reduce deployment times to free up your IT staff so they can focus on other more business relevant tasks

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