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Intelligent Automation for Efficient Claims Management

Intelligent Claims Management with Automation and RPA 

Controlling claims management and handling costs, while maintaining customer satisfaction and employee motivation is an ever-present challenge for insurance providers. Download our factsheet to learn more about how SS&C Blue Prism's enterprise automation platform connects the systems, processes and people involved with handling a claim to increase efficiency and productivity and transform the way claims are handled.

Supporting claims management through the claim lifecycle


Collecting all the data, claim information and documentation from a customer and validating it in a timely fashion is critical, and the process needs to be convenient and stress-free for the customer. According to a claims survey by JD Power, customer ratings drop 133 points if they are asked to provide repeat information for a claim. But how can this be done efficiently when around three quarters of customers still like to pick up the phone to an insurance call center? 

Connecting customer channels, internal systems and processes can be done efficiently with intelligent automation.

Fraud Detection

Whether you use AI tools, an outsourced service or do it all internally, it's important to seamlessly integrate fraud detection processes into the end-to-end claims management lifecycle. And intelligent digital worker can help with faster, more accurate fraud detection and prevention.

Claims Adjustment

Your intelligent digital workforce can ensure that when the claim reaches an adjustor, all the necessary information and documentation has been collected and validated. The adjustment process can then either be fully automated for simple claims or be passed to the adjustor to proceed. If there are outsourced adjustment services involved in the claim, the digital worker can streamline the hand-off process to help control costs.


Whether your goal is same day settlement or to reduce your time to settle, an intelligent digital workforce can help to achieve it. Once the adjustment process is complete, a digital workforce can navigate the tasks involved with settling the claim.


Retaining customers following a claim can be a challenge. A digital worker can support the process of updating customer details, providing new quotes and communicating clearly with the customer at every stage.

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