Jon E. Theuerkauf: The Biggest Problems Slowing Down the Promise of Robots and AI

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Jon E. Theuerkauf, Former Managing Director, Head of Performance Excellence, BNY Mellon: After more than 2 years of implementing RPA, SmartForms, OCR/ICR, ETA/ETL, and Machine Learning solutions in the largest GCIF organization in the world; on top of hosting more than 70 separate client meetings and workshops on automation and AI, the hypothesis presented will make a very sound case for reevaluation of most automation strategies. The team behind this presentation has received several national awards for their work in this field over the last 12 months alone. They have one of the largest and most successful RPA deployments in the world. You will learn through a series of questions composed by this team, where you and your organization can supercharge your digital and automation strategy. In the end, they will offer the attendees a simple model that is helping them drive a simple message and maybe it can work for you too. Don’t be surprised by the answers, it’s all about basics.

Automation you can bank on…

Intelligent automation is grown-up, governed, enterprise-ready, people-first automation that’s smart, secure, scalable and way more successful than desktop task-bots.

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