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Becoming Strategic with Intelligent Automation in Insurance

A data-driven industry ripe for intelligent automation and digital transformation

What will the insurance industry look like in ten years? What role will intelligent automation play? What other options are available for operational efficiency and agility? These are critical questions for an industry whose essence is calculating risk.

As a data-driven industry —from risk assessment and underwriting to distribution, pricing and claims—the entire value chain is ripe for intelligent automation and digital transformation.

How Three Leading Insurance Organizations are using Intelligent Automation

In this new research paper from Knowledge Capital Partners, Becoming Strategic with Intelligent Automation in Insurance, Dr. John Hindle and Dr. Leslie Willcocks spoke with three leading insurance organizations from around the world about the challenges they face and how they are using intelligent automation to drive business value.

Inside the whitepaper you’ll find out:

  • Today’s challenges for insurance organizations
  • How three insurance organizations are delivering value with intelligent automation
  • Vision for the future of insurance

The word ‘risk’ derives from the early Italian word ‘risicare,’ which means ‘to dare.’ In this sense, risk is a choice rather than a fate.
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