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Blue Prism digital workers give industrial & manufacturing markets a competitive edge by accessing and streamlining accurate and timely data for more efficient operations.

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When it comes to consumer goods, manufacturing, and industrial operations, data such as supply, delivery, trend analytics and customer information, is critical to maintaining market share.

Because production teams and consumers alike have grown accustomed to the immediacy and intuitiveness of the Internet and mobile apps, they now expect the same from their processes and products, requiring faster innovation from manufacturers and retailers. To keep up with these expectations, digital transformation is changing the way businesses manage and share product information across the enterprise, increasing production and transparency and decreasing cost and downtime. Blue Prism combined with cognitive technologies from our technology ecosystem partners, ensures that data is streamlined and collaboration-friendly, increasing accessibility for all stakeholders.

“We see automation as an opportunity to drive a level of discipline, quality and efficiency into our processes. We have 20 robots delivering 50 FTEs worth of activity and in two years, we hope to have a virtual workforce delivering about 200 FTEs worth of work.”
Robert Kesterton Head of Continuous Improvement at Jaguar Land Rover

Accurate Auditing

With Blue Prism 100% of your data can be audited accurately and quicker than a manual spot audit.

Customer Experience Improvement

Exceed customer expectations by reducing delivery times, improving quality and limiting risk.

Payroll and HR Efficiencies

Deliver timely and accurate Payroll and HR operational processes without additional headcount — improving the employee experience.

Faster Order Processing

Enjoy tangible financial return to your business on top of increased productivity and customer satisfaction by reducing manual processes.

Always Stocked

Proactively meet your customer’s refills of chemicals and raw materials to maintain an affective production line.

Whether you’re in Manufacturing, Construction, Automobile, Consumer Goods, Retail or Chemicals markets, your main concern is your customers.

Blue Prism can ensure that you automate your critical business processes so that your accuracy increases as well as your employee and customer satisfaction. Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce becomes a force multiplier for your business that delivers proven return on investment (ROI).
Because Blue Prism is business-led, operation leads who understand the key processes can automate them quickly, easily and securely.

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