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Prosegur Achieves Fast ROI and Saves Millions of Euros with an Innovative Digital Workforce

€12 million cost avoidance in three years
+100% ROI within 18 months
400 processes automated across 20 business units
"Blue Prism was selected as one of the drivers of Digital Transformation at Prosegur. Intelligent automation has the power to increase operational efficiency and provide fast and personalized customer experiences.""
Fernando Cisneros Director Corporate Digitalization, Automation and Robotics

As a multinational private security company, Prosegur works to make the world a safer place for its customers in 26 countries. For over three years, the company has been driving a digital transformation program to increase operational efficiency, provide fast and personalized customer experiences, and allow employees to focus on impactful work.

Intelligent automation has helped Prosegur achieve these goals with such success that they have been awarded a global Blue Prism Customer Excellence award for the second year in a row.


Prosegur operates in 26 countries across five continents, employing more than 170,000 people worldwide. The company faced a complex ecosystem of more than 200 information technology applications. So, while Prosegur had big plans for its intelligent automation program, it was critical for the solution to easily integrate with its existing applications and systems. Additionally, the company needed a solution that would scale easily, in the cloud and across multiple business locations worldwide. And due to the nature of Prosegur’s business, tight security was mandatory.


Prosegur has taken an innovative approach to create a sustainable, extensible and scalable intelligent automation program. It has scaled its Blue Prism digital workforce across 20 business functions including billing, legal, HR, security, alarms, and cash. The company has 400 processes live on multiple continents. Blue Prism is integrating with more than 200 other technologies at the company, like an ERP ecosystem and billing tools. Digital workers combine with AI, machine learning and process mining to extend their capabilities resulting in optimized speed and accuracy.

A specially configured Blue Prism digital worker called the ‘Super Robot’ enables effortless scalability and ensures sustainability of the program. The Super Robot is charged with assessing which processes to automate (reducing the assessment time by 95%), reviewing code to identify development errors, monitoring digital workers’ efficiency, and noting any issues with infrastructure or applications.

Prosegur has also undertaken a hyper-automation initiative to extend the capabilities of its digital workforce. Unstructured documents and emails are managed by a range of AI and cognitive tools, including services from Amazon AWS AI services and Google AI services.

Predictive analytics efficiently analyze data to anticipate average execution time of digital workers on various days of the month, identifying possible challenges with executing tasks. And a connector has been created to integrate computer vision capabilities with Blue Prism to detect images of application errors and to notify staff.

To say this company has been innovative is an understatement. And their creativity is reaping benefits across the business. So far, they’ve saved 600,000 hours of employee time, which translates into 12 million euros, and they have surpassed 100% return on their investment in less than 18 months.

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